Monday, February 15, 2016

Simple Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon

Comfort food - we all love it, right? Sometimes, we just want something that tastes delicious, even if it's not *ahem* healthy, per se. Bacon, cheese, oil and mushrooms. Some would argue these ingredients are healthy, some would say they aren't. Really, we don't care =)

One of Ken's favorite comfort snacks after a hard day at work, is Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon.

If you're a fan of mushrooms, cheese and bacon, then this is the perfect snack for you. Super simple, super quick, and delicious =D

You can use whatever mushrooms you'd like - Ken typically uses Cremini, Shiitake, or Portobello, as they all easily hold cheese.

First, simply arrange however many mushrooms you'd like on a cookie sheet or pan. Wrap the mushrooms in bacon, or simply place the bacon around the mushrooms. The bacon grease will keep the mushrooms from sticking to the pan, or burning on the bottoms.

*Note: If you'd rather not use bacon, you can lightly cover the bottom of the cookie sheet or pan in olive oil instead.  This keeps the mushrooms from burning, sticking, or drying out while cooking.

The stems should be removed from the mushrooms, if you want them truly filled with cheese. Fill each mushroom with as much grated cheese as you'd like.

Once set, bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until the bacon is cooked/cheese is melted. Basically, until it looks good to you. 

Time is irrelevant honestly, because it all depends on how cooked you want the bacon, or how melted you want the cheese, etc. It's all personal preference, so just make whatever looks good to you ;) 

Enjoy!! =D

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