Friday, September 26, 2014

Newest Blog!

Hey party peeps!  We're getting back into the blogging world, and have a fresh new look to start us off with.

We've created a new blog, for a new idea.  We adore all the blogs we have out there, and all the different topics.  Starting a new blog for each topic helped us learn how we want to blog, what we want each blog to represent, and how we want to be as a company.  Now that we've got more experience under out belts, and have researched other awesome blogs, we've decided to make one localized blog for all our awesome topics!

To start with, we're simply going to link each blog to different areas of this blog.  As we grow and get everything set up, we are going to move each topic here, for one easy place to find you Desert Rose blogs!

Let us know which topics you enjoy the most, what you'd like to see from us, or just random thoughts in general.  We love to hear from our readers, and are looking forward to growing our Lifestyles site!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Ciao for now,

@Desert Rose

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