Friday, November 11, 2016

Rose's Hearty Minestrone

Hey everybody!  Rose here, and today, we're sharing our awesome Hearty Minestrone recipe on DRL!  We love soups in our house- they last a long time, are relatively inexpensive, and are fun to make.  Minestrone especially, because we put tons o veggies! :D

We haven't been able to find a recipe we like, so like many others before us, we've developed our own.  It's probably closer to a "stew" but that's ok- we love stew too!

A lot of our cooking is done without measuring everything, so while I'll put the number of each ingredient the recipe calls for, our pictures won't be exactly the same amounts.  We're also making double what the recipe calls for (freezing half for next week) so our proportions will seem really big, if you're going off the recipe.

Anywho, please feel free to check out our recipe, use it, copy it, modify it to fit your tastes, whatever, and just have fun! :D


~ You'll Need ~

-Tomato Sauce {6 cups}
-Beef Broth {4-6 cups}
-Potatoes {3-4 lg}
-Carrots {1 lb}
-Onion {1/2 lg}
-Celery {1 heart}
-Mushrooms {4-5}
-Tomatoes {7-9}
-Mixed Veggies {1 lb}
-Green Beans {1/2 lb}
-Oregano/Italian Seasoning {2-3 tbsp}

Optional Items:

-Zucchini {1-2}
-Olives {20 lg, halved}
-Hamburger/Beef {1 lb}

Main Ingredients: Tomato Sauce, Potatoes, Onion, Carrots, Celery, Beef Bullion Cubes, Tomatoes & Onions.  Olives are optional.

~ Starting Out ~

A Rosie Idea:

Before I start on any cooking project, I like to get myself a glass of something yummy to drink.  If you're a wine-lover, this is a fantastic meal to have a glass with (the smells are amazing!!).  If not, juice is great too!

I also love listening to a great playlist while I'm cooking- so much more fun when you can move yo body! :D  I enjoy listening to either French music, or an upbeat playlist- this is a fun recipe, and demands music that will make you smile :)

You certainly don't have to do this, but it sure does make cooking fun, to enjoy yourself a bit ;)


Ok, now we're ready to start cooking!!  

First, mix your tomato sauce and beef broth in a large cooking pot.  You can use pre-made broth from the store, or make it with bullion cubes and water (we do the latter).  

Make sure you're using a pot big enough to hold all the ingredients (there will be quite a bit!).  If you're making a lot, maybe use two pots- I do this when we double the recipe.  

For now, put this on a high simmer/low boil, and let the liquids mix together and get heated up.  

This is a great time to add in the oregano/Italian seasoning as well, and let all those good flavors start simmering.


Now that the sauce and broth is heating up, you'll start on the potatoes, carrots, and onions.  These take longer to cook, so be sure to put those in first.

I recommend peeling the potatoes and carrots, although you certainly don't have to.  Once peeled, chop up the potatoes, carrots and onions.

Add these to the sauce, and turn the heat up to a full boil.
If you're using frozen mixed veggies and/or green beans, add those in now.
If those are canned (not frozen) wait to add those.


Now that your thicker veggies are cooking, start on your softer veggies.  I recommend chopping up your celery now, and adding that in, so it has time to cook as well.

Once the celery is added, chop up your mushrooms and tomatoes.  If you're adding olives, zucchinis, or any other type of soft veggie, get those ready as well.

Mushrooms, Zucchini & Cherry Tomatoes
Add all this in to the cooking pot, and turn the heat down to a high simmer/low boil for 5 minutes covered.

If you haven't added in your spices yet (oregano), add that in now.  Also, if you're using any canned veggies (mixed and/or green beans), add those in now as well. Be sure to drain them first!  The extra water will throw off the sauce otherwise.

The sauce may be somewhat separated at the moment, making the top of the liquid have a bubbly film over it.  That's ok!!  Once you cook it with the lid on, that will all mix back together, and be creamy :)


We add in angus beef to our minestrone.  You don't have to, but it does give it a wonderful thickness.  If you do want to add some sort of beef (and I'd recommend beef, nothing tougher) you can add that in with the softer veggies.
*Be sure to cook it before you add it in!
However you want to cook it is fine- we simply cook it up in a frying pan, and toss it in with the tomatoes and mushrooms.

You can also use chicken, if you prefer a chicken flavor.  Be sure to change the broth from beef to chicken though, otherwise that will be an unpleasant mix :)


Let this all cook on a medium/high simmer until the frozen veggies are done, or the onions/celery are clear and fully cooked.  You can really be done whenever you want, if you prefer your veggies on the crunchy side.

If you feel that it's not liquid-y enough, you can add in another cup of broth, or tomato sauce, depending on what it needs.  It's really all up to personal preference, and what you want it to taste like.


Guess, what?  You're done!! :D

Your Hearty Minestrone is ready to serve!!  This goes great with a buttered bread roll, but is great on it's own as well!

Enjoy! :D

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