Thursday, December 17, 2015

Baby Bunnies!

Hi!  Hope you're all doing well.  We sure are - our bunnies had babies! =D

In case you're unaware, we have two bunnies, Yin and Yang.  Yes, they are white and black, and yes, we know it's cliche.  It's cute =)

Well, last month, Yang got into Yin's pen for just long enough to get her pregnant.  They did a great job though, because she had six beautiful babies a month later!!

They've grown quick, and right on schedule, they had fur within two weeks!

They all opened their eyes about a week after that, and have been so curious!  They are brave little fur-babies, that's for sure =)

Yin & Yang both enjoy playing with them. We're still talking about what to do with them, because they're all so cute! We hold all of them every day, and they've become quite accustomed to hop right into our hands when we hold out to them. Cute =)

I love our little bunny family =)

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